Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unfortunate Truths Girls Learn From Twilight

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{Btw, I didn't come up with these. I ripped them off some guy named John Scott Lewinksi. Click HERE to read his whole list.}

1. If a boy is aloof, stand-offish, ignores you or is just plain rude, it is because he is secretly in love with you — you are the point of his existence.

2. It’s okay for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs.

3. If a boy tells you to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the love of your life. You should stay with him since he will keep you safe forever.

4. If a boy leaves you, especially suddenly (while telling you he will never see you again), it is because he loves you so much he will suffer just to keep you safe.

5. When a boy leaves you, going into shock, losing all your friends and enduring night terrors are completely acceptable occurrences — as long as you keep your grades up.

6. Because he will come back, you should hold out, waiting for them for months, even when completely acceptable and less-abusive alternative males present themselves.

7. Lying to your parents is fine. Lying to your parents while you run away to save your suicidal boyfriend is an extremely good idea that shows your strength and maturity. Also, it is what you must do.

8. Vampires — once among the great villains of literature and motion pictures — are no longer scary. In fact, they’re every bit as whiny, self-absorbed and impotent as any human being.

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  1. Ain't that sweet? I have new Rules added now to my Book of Life. Lol. ♥

  2. :D Glad you guys like these!