Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Twi-ing: Chapter One

So, hey guys.

Every once in a while I just get these urges to see if I can do something, or try something out, or see how long I can >fill in the blank<. In April I went the entire month without straightening my hair. And actually...

I haven't straightened it since.

Yeah. Not once. I straightened my hair on April 15th, to make it easier to work with for prom, but aside from that I have not straightened my hair at all since March 30th.

And I actually kinda like it. It's better for my hair, doesn't look that awful, and will be quicker for me when I'm in Europe.

So yeah, that challenge turned out well. Hopefully this one will too.

See, I'm going to read Twilight. I've already read it two or three times, but that was years ago. I loved it, but lately I've lost all respect for the novel. Is it because it really does suck and I just didn't see it before? Or is it because all I've been exposed to lately are the suck-fest movies?

I dunno. But I'm gonna find out. I am re-reading Twilight and making notes for your personal enjoyment and my enlightenment. Every Monday I'll post a couple of chapters' worth of review and snarky comments and we'll see where I end up.

Ready? Go.
I first jotted down a few notes on how I remembered feeling about the book the first time I read it. That way I can see how it compares to the way I feel when I finish this time.

Overall: Realistic, well-written, exciting and with strong morals.

Bella: Likable, realistic, responsible and nice.

Edward: The epitome of hott, fierce, protective and witty.

Then I picked up the book.

pg. 6: Wow...was Bella always this much of a pill?

pg. 8: Dialogue: Realistic? Sure. Well-written? Negative.

pg. 9: I was about 13 when I read this. I think I thought 17 year olds were SUPPOSED to be this way... Now that I AM

pg. 10: The stuff about never fitting in is actually good.

pg. 12: It's getting better. The writing is actually good at the moment.


pg. 16: Let's not be a brat, Bella, it's tiring.

pg. 18: Ooh, it really begins...
They're so much more attractive in the book.
Although Ashley Greene is perfect as Alice.

pg. 19: I hate "blond" spelled without an "E" on the end. It looks incomplete.

pg. 22: The movie {and Robert Pattinson} did an absolutely atrocious job of Edward. He is NOT awkward, he is NOT creepy and he is NOT disgusting. And he's much more subtle and controlled than the movie gives him credit for.

pg. 26: Mike's adorable :)

pg. 7: "Low, attractive voice." Yeah, Robert Pattinson is so not the right guy for this.

pg. 28: End of chapter 1. It started out awful, ended pretty okay actually.


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  1. Go on. I'm quite interested in the post-scripts post-reading it for the nth time. ;)
    PS. Pattinson, IMHO, is such a lame choice for Edward Cullen.