Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Butterflies and Giveaways

So, this post is going to be about...butterflies and giveaways.

The giveaway part is pretty straight-forward:

Elizabeth at Collection of Reflections makes beautiful jewelry, and for her 100th post {*cheering, fanfare!*}, she's giving away a pair of earrings! {Or $5 off and free shipping on a set.}

What do you have to do to win? It's easy.

First go HERE, to see all the beautiful earrings.

Then, go to her post HERE and comment telling her which pair is your favorite :)

Posting about the giveaway and being a follower will get you extra entries, so take that into consideration ;)

Now, for the butterfly part of the title...

Psycho Babbling Basher, a fascinating blogger and fellow hott-guy-lover, has been so kind as to award me :D {*YEEP* OHMYGOSHIGOTAWARDEDGUYS.}

The award is called the Butterfly Award.

And basically, you just give it to bloggers that you think are awesome {aw, shucks}, post something about yourself, and then pass it on to other worthy keyboarders.

I can do this.

I hate double standards.

And yet, I have a double standard about that.

I know, right, how hypocritical and ironic can you get?

But it's true. I expect people to treat me the same way they treat everyone else. And I expect people to treat everyone the same. I think it's unfair when people bend the rules for only certain people.

But then, it's okay if I'm nicer to some people than others. It's okay if I make exceptions for people I really like. If I bend the rules for my best friend, the world should just back off and be okay with it.

I hate double standards. And yet I have them. It's stupid and wrong and I'm desperately working on it.

And now it's time to award some fellow awesome bloggers :D

Elizabeth because...she loves Bonanza.
Shruti because...her blog header is cool.
Kyrenius because...I know him XD
Jesayka because...her blog title sounds so foreboding, but it's not--PSYCH.
Tinuke because...her "follow" button is in a different language :O
Noodlecanoodle because...I like the blog title. Even though the blog kind of confuses me. I like it.



  1. Geesh, I like the spiel and the set up.
    You definitely are an amazing double-standard butterfly!
    But all in, you totally rock!!! Waiting for the Twilight editorial quips. :D

  2. Thank you Stephanie! :D I actually combined that myself. I'm honoured!! My first blogger award!

    Now I just sound like a shrill 13-year-old. Oh well :D

  3. Aww. You're too sweet! Thank you! <3

  4. Psycho: Haha, why thank you :) It really is nice to hear that someone thinks so :) Twilight coming your way ;)

    Shruti: Isn't it exciting?? :D I squeal every time XD

    Jesayka: No problem, fellow butterfly.


  5. Aaaww.. Thank you!! :) Don't know how to make the follow button english :p Yey, my first award!

  6. Awww, thanks Stephanie!! :D. I love butterflies ^_^. Hope to repost it soon! And you ARE an awesome blogger :).