Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being Belle

As you probably know, "Beauty and the Beast," the greatest animated Disney movie of all time, is back in theaters for its 3D version! Aside from the Lion King's 3D phase, I hadn't ever seen a classic Disney film in theaters. I was like 1 or 2 or -3 when they all came out.

So some of my friends and I went to see "Beauty and the Beast" last week :D It's amazing how much detail you notice on the big screen. I loved it even more than usual.

But of course, being me and my friends, we couldn't just go see a movie like this. Not just plain "go see it." Being me and my friends, we had do something unusual and awesome about it.

So we dressed up.

Me as Belle, Kirsten as Gaston

Now, I knew I would look odd. I knew people would give me weird looks. I knew I'd probably get stared at. But I admit:

Being legitimately mistaken for Belle by small children never occurred to me.

The first time it happened was in the bathroom. It was before the movie started, and already I've forgotten that I was wearing a costume. Kirsten and I really had to pee, so we raced into the bathroom and I slammed the door of my stall. Then I heard a little voice go,

" *gasp* Mom! Mom, I just saw Belle!"

I heard the mom gently acknowledge her daughter, but she was apparently talking to another grown-up. Then I heard little tapping footsteps and the mother say,

"Emmy! You can't look under the stall doors! People might be in there!"

O_O Oh my. She was COMING FOR ME.

The girl quit, but I waited for a bit in the stall anyway, sort of hoping she and her mom would leave. They didn't right away, and I didn't want to miss any of the previews, so I had to come out.

I cautiously opened the door and went to the sink. The little girl's mouth opened slightly.

"Mom. Behind you," she whispered.

I smiled and waved as the mother turned. Her eyes lit up in recognition.

"Oh, is that Belle?" she said, stroking the girl's light brown ringlets. "Say hi."

The little girl stared with huge, awestruck blue eyes.

I waved again and said, "Bonjour."

Then Kirsten and I had to get back to the theater. But that little girl in the bathroom pretty much made my life.

I got stopped three times on the way out after the movie by parents and their kids who wanted to say hi to Belle. I loved it. I've always wanted to be Belle at Disney, so it was kind of a dream-come-true experience.

At Panera Bread later that night the cashier lady asked if she could put my name in the system as "Belle." When I told her sure, she said, "This just made my day!" So when my sandwich was ready, the whole restaurant turned to watch "Belle" go and retrieve her order.

*dramatic, dreamy sigh* Day in the life, I suppose. Never a dull moment.

No really. Never XD



  1. This is made up of so much Awesome. You never know how you're going to impact the world around you.

  2. THIS IS SO COOL! You had a real life fairy tale for a day :D And this story made my day too!

  3. That is awesome. Completely awesome. And so funny. And cute. I love little kids!

  4. Than ks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    I love how you dressed up for the movie- and what an awesome story. Little kids are great. :)


  5. You totally rocked this! Your fairy tale just made a lot of little girls's dream come true.

    Belle has always been my favorite Disney character. Wasn't she the only one who fell in love even before the Beast turned into a Prince? Priceless.

    Cheers to you!

  6. JW: Thanks! I know, right? It's so important that we keep that in mind.

    Jay: :D Thanks! I KNOW!! I've always wanted to be Belle at Disney World, and that day I got a taste of how it would feel. *dreamy sigh* Glad I made your day!

    Lex: Haha, isn't it?! They're adorable :) Mostly XD

    Amanda: Your welcome :D They certainly are.

    Psycho: Haha, thanks!! Mine too, and yep, that's her. She's hands down my favorite princess. We have a lot in common, too, so that makes it more fun.