Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turning the Tables

Thanks for joining us, Steph :D

{This post was slightly inspired by a post Alana did a while back.}

If you've been reading Pandora for long, you know I have no reservations about hott actors posts. I enjoy hott actors, and I enjoy bringing you enjoyment of them. Posting about hott actors also gives me a chance to look at pictures of them for minutes on end, while telling myself I'm doing something productive.


One day as I was reading Alana's blog, I had a idea:

What if I do a post on attractive actresses?

Now, you know that my sensual affections remain unfailingly tied to the opposite gender, but I figured why not? You know my taste in hott actors. Which actresses do I think are especially pretty?

I also thought it would be kind of an enlightening post to write for myself; I've never thought given a lot of thought to actresses I think are beautiful. {I know, right? A corner of life that HASN'T BEEN THOROUGHLY OVER-THOUGHT BY STEPHANIE? Almost inconceivable. But I'm not Vizini, so I can conceive of it. Okay, I'm shutting up and getting out of the parenthesis now.}


{Alright, now I am.}

I apologize. It is late, and I am insane.

Anyway, I did some Googling, and here is my Top Twelve List of Most Beautiful Actresses {in order}.

#1: Olivia Wilde

#2: Diane Kruger

#3: Frieda Pinto

#4: Catherine Zeta-Jones

#5: Malin Akerman
#6: Leslie Coutterand

#7: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

#8: Ashley Greene

#9: Kristanna Loken

#10: Eva Green

#11: Megan Fox

#12: Hayden Panetierre

What do you think? Girls? Guys?



  1. Finally a hott actors post I can comment on :p
    Olivia is definitely number 1. Nobody has a face like hers and she's about the only one who can work eyebrows like that. I've never heard of Leslie before, I'll have to learn French. To me Malin is the typical Swedish blonde bombshell. I had a crush on Mary after I'd seen Scott Pilgrim. Eva has a quality about her I can't put into words. I think it's her eyes, no one else in those photos has eyes like hers. The rest I could take or leave. They're all beautiful women, just nothing specific grabs me. And now I feel thoroughly shallow :)

  2. I feel so special :).
    They are all very pretty girls :). I completely agree on Olivia,Malin, and Hayden on making the beautiful list :). Thanks for sharing !

  3. Jay: Haha, yeah XD It was about time. Glad you agree :D Although I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is much prettier than take or leave.

    Alana: Haha, yess XD Ever since Ice Princess I've thought Hayden was gorgeous.


  4. Take or leave sounds...shallower than I intended. I mean I don't find myself randomly thinking about them. It's more like, oh yeah Catherine Zeta-Jones.