Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Questions

My friends and I recently sat down and watched "Sleeping Beauty." I fully expected it to be boring, predictable, cheesy, and stupid.

It was not.

I seriously enjoyed the movie. I don't know why I was so convinced it would suck. Even Princess Aurora wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated.

However, being the people we are, my friends and I couldn't help but make a few slightly sarcastic observances.

- It's heinously unfair for the king to command EVERYONE to burn their spinning wheels just to keep one girl safe.

- How could Aurora dream about the prince if she'd probably never seen a man before? She'd lived in the woodcutter's cottage alone with the three good fairies her entire life. How could she know what a man looked like? And how would you explain that, anyway? "They're like us girls, but with deeper voices and...different..."

- Don't the fairies realize that by putting the entire kingdom to sleep, they're wiping out a good percentage of the guys who might be able to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake? I mean, good thing Prince Philip wasn't in the kingdom at the time.

- Prince Philip loses his Shield of Virtue and his Sword of Truth while fighting Maleficent. Is that to say that you lose your virtue and honesty in your quest for love? Or that once you've found it, you don't need those things anymore?

Aaand that's what happens when four highly analytical seventeen-year-olds get together to watch an old Disney classic.



  1. 1) That's why it's good to be King
    2) Never thought about it. Those are the questions you're not supposed to ask :p
    3) I don't think the fairies were known for their intelligence
    4) Very symbolic. I don't know what the movie makers were saying (if anything) but I definitely think that you still need virtue and honesty once you've found love. But you can lose it when seeking love or trying to overcome evil.

    I just liked the part where she turns into a dragon :)

  2. Great questions!
    I find too many flaws in fairy tales - I reckon they have so many potholes because back when they were written, there weren't that many books to begin with, so people assumed their brilliance was to go unquestioned. Nowadays, critics could have a field day!

  3. - She's a PRINCESS. Sheesh. Future queen of the land and all.

    - Books. Or maybe she had met a man before, like a random hunter that went through the woods. Or maybe she'd gone to town before.

    - It's not all statistics; it's prophecy and destiny.

    - That might be thinking too hard. It might be better to look at the fact that the sword of truth is what slays Malificient.

  4. Jay:
    1) True, true. Still unfair.
    2) Heh. I always do that.
    3) Hm. That's true XD
    4) I do too. That's why I had fun snickering and being cynical about it, because honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship.

    Yeah :D Scary as crap to a five-year-old.

    Ginger: Thanks :D Haha, yeah, it's kind of fun, kind of depressing. I hadn't thought of that XD You may be on to something.

    - Yes, but that doesn't make it okay to force all the peasants to go with raggedy clothes for sixteen years. Some of them probably made clothes for a living. How were they supposed to pay taxes?

    - That's what Kirsten said. You're probably right, it was just a funny thought I had XD

    - Good thing, too XD

    - Yeah, I think you're right XD Truth kills evil. I like it.