Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Might Be a Dancer...

If it is almost physically impossible for you to begin something NOT on an eight count when music is playing.

If you wear leggings and soffe shorts in public and people think it's cool.

If you instinctively point your toes every time your feet leave the ground.

If you can recognize useless French phrases such as "step of the cat" and "on the neck of the foot."

If people do not like to watch dancing movies with you. {Because you will either non-stop groan and sneer or non-stop gasp and ooh.}

If you count your everyday-life steps in groups of eight.

If certain songs make your body twitch in choreographed motions...ohhhh, that's right. You danced to this song when you were seven.



  1. I kind of know the first and last ones because I'm a drummer and very aware of the beat. What is the neck of the foot?

  2. Yep. Definitely yep.

    "No look. See her arms right there? They look awful. Look at her foot! Did you see how flexed it was? That arabesque was awful, she could barely hold it. You call that a fouette? Yea. Right. "

    *blank stares all around*


  3. I can't watching dancing shows on TV. I get too angry.

  4. Jay: Oh, cool! Haha, "sur le cou-de-pied" means "on the neck of the foot." Basically just pointing your toe and holding it to your ankle XD

    Lex: Aagh, I know, right? It's even worse when people think a dancer is amazing, just because they don't know any better. Tap dancing is always hard to watch with a non-tapper because honestly, the more difficult a tap move is, the less impressive it looks.