Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keeping My Options Open

People get their panties in a wad about a lot of things. But the thing I'm thinking about right now is the "choice" girls face: career or family.

Girls I know tend to write those off not only as mutually exclusive options, but as a decision that must be made RIGHT NOW.

I am, as the post title suggests, just keeping my options open.

I have always wanted to be a mom. I've never considered otherwise, BUT I've also never considered not being a writer.

Now, being a mom just might interfere with being a lawyer. Lawyers work SO long and SO hard that it would be exhausting at best, impossible at worst. But my theory is, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

There's no reason for me to make a decision right now. There's no guarantee that I'll meet Mr. Right first thing after college, so I'm not going to stake my life on it. I'm going to go to school and stay on the path towards being a writer and lawyer, but I'm not so married {lawl, pun} to the idea that I'm not willing to rethink if I meet someone that I want to settle down with.

It just depends on what happens.

For now, I'm just keeping my options open.



  1. You're right and their wrong. Which career will you have? How much time will it take? When will you find Mr. Right? Will children come along quickly? Lawyers work long hours but so do mothers? Can you make both work or not? You can't know all the answers right now so take it as it comes. The panty wadders can make their own decisions.

  2. I remember you making this comment on one of my own posts - and have to agree that girls are still pressured to pick a path. I tried to explain my plan of having a career and possibly one or two children to my aunt the other day - oh joy. "But they'd be lonesome, they wouldn't know how to mix, twould be embarassing for them having my Mother at home, they'd be neglected! That's a terrible though! I had nine and I always wanted more.." and even "You'll change your mind about a career yet.." when I retalliated with the fact that having 13 children was not the top of my priorities, she said "don't have 13! That's unlucky! My friend Mary had a 14th to avoid that."
    That's Ireland for you.

  3. You and Ginger have the right idea. You can have both, or one, or the other. The great thing about being a woman these days is that we have the freedom to make choices. Society doesn't have to dictate what we do, even if it likes to think it can.

  4. I have to say I agree 100% with you! I do think that there is pressure to choose which, in some circles there is more pressure for one, and in a different circle there is more pressure for the other. I don't want to sit around waiting for Mr. Right to come. I can do so much while I wait! Your post is very encouraging!