Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Will I Ever...

Thanks for following, Elizabeth! Sorry I can't find a link to you.

I will never...

wear leggings as pants.
betray the principles of my country.
name my kid Harry.
be in a relationship with a guy whose profile picture is him shirtless.
say "totes adorbs" and mean it.
have liposuction.
call Achilles and Patroclus gay.
fully understand the appeal of Chuck Norris jokes.
say, "Who?! Oh. It's only Batman."
hide a music player on Pandora.
spell "Stephanie" with an F.
think Simon Baker is attractive.

Of course, "never" is a very strong word and it would be just like karma to play a joke on me and have me break these. However, come rain or shine or torture or bribery or drunkenness, I can swear one thing for sure:

I will never, ever name my kid Harry.



  1. Idk... Simon is kinda cute. In that picture at-least ;)

  2. I like Chuck Norris jokes, except some people don't know when to stop with them. In one of my stories there's a character names Stephanie (based off someone I knew in school) except I spelled it Steffany. Should I leave now?

  3. Alana: XD

    Jay: Some of them are funny...but I don't get it. He's not that great. What about Bourne, Bond, and Batman?

    And HOLY GAAAH *melts* >.< Stephanie is spelled with the "PH" because it's Greek, and there is no "F" in Greek. Take out the "PH" and you rob the name of its identity. It's like spelling "Christian" with a K or Claude Monet "Monay."

    But all things considered, I suppose our blog friendship is more important than a name.

    I GUESS.

    XD :)


  4. Haha, that's kind of the point of the Chuck Norris jokes. He was such a badass in his TV show that the joke is he is better than anything, it doesn't even have to make sense. They're not really saying he's better than Batman, it's hyperbole taken to the extreme.

    Even autocorrect didn't like my spelling with the double F. {offers conciliatory piece of chocolate and prays for peace}